India Futures Lab

Using stories and cultural histories to re-imagine future cities.

Indian cities have seen drastic transformations in the past ten years, which have been built on the basis of a singular vision that mimics western perceptions of desirable futures. The inclusion of the widest range of the public (and particularly those that have been pushed to the margins) in the discourse on the future of cities is hence, imperative and urgent. The need to create capacity and agency among diverse communities, to explore, articulate and advocate for their alternative and desirable visions of the future.India Futures Lab works with students and marginalised communities to share tools and methodologies that enable them to advocate for their space at the futures table. By introducing futures thinking through immersive storytelling, workshop modules that map and archive lived experiences of people in cities, and facilitate encounters in public spaces, we equip young citizens to connect with a wider view of their environment, leading to clearer sight of implications and stronger alignment around a future they want and not one that they might inherit.Our initiative- Futures from the Periphery creates an enabling framework for marginalised communities to become the narrators and translators of their own stories.While we're working on sharing more with you, please keep in touch for updates on our initiatives and upcoming workshops.